Sunday, 22 April 2012

New Year, New Blog - Day 113

Day 113.

A very relaxing Sunday. I spent a good time in front of the TV watch 2 cycling classics races. They were both excellent and really quite exciting! 

I have spent a few hours on COD with Mark but not done a great deal else. I'm thinking that a weekly blog is a great idea now. I would have lots to put in 1 blog rather than 7 crap blogs. I'm getting pretty tired now so I'll be off.

Until next time


Saturday, 21 April 2012

New Year, New Blog - Day 112

Day 112.

Sorry everyone that was expecting a blog yesterday. I was asked to look after our neighbour last night and we got carried away playing COD until 1.30am. By the time I got home it was almost 2am. I'll do a short review of the play that Sam and I went to see before I get on with the catch up from yesterday.

The play was called All New People and was written by and starred Zach Braff ( JD from Scrubs). It was quite a good play, but I wouldn't know as it was the 1st play I've seen. In the opening scene, Charlie (played by Zach) tries to hang himself and the noose got caught up inside his jacket and he couldn't get it off. It was perfectly safe but funny at the same time. When he finally got it unhooked, he apologised to the audience and started the whole play again! Needless to say when he unhooked the noose for a 2nd time, he got a huge cheer. The play was about a man who wants to kill himself because he is lonely and 3 other random people turn up at his place. They all try and help him, but in odd ways, and it works. Seeing Zach Braff not play JD was very weird and he is bigger in person. Also his voice is deeper. After the play finished we waited outside the stage door and he came out to sign autographs and do photos etc. Sam and I got within a few feet of him and it was awesome! 

Yesterday was a normalish day apart from the evening. Work was fun, being a Friday, it was pretty easy. The past few weeks of blogs have been less than boring if I'm honest and I feel that doing a weekly blog would be much more interesting and exciting that a daily one. I'll keep doing a daily one until I get some feedback from you to see what you want. It would be great to hear some of your views so let me know either by Facebook or Twitter.

Until tomorrow


Thursday, 19 April 2012

New Year, New Blog - Day 110

Day 110.

I have just got back from London as I was at the theatre watching a play called All New People with Zach Braff staring in it. I'll review it tomorrow as its kinda late now.

Until tomorrow.


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

New Year, New Blog - Day 109

Day 109.

Today seemed to go really quick. As Wednesdays go it was a good one. There were a few minor meltdowns from 1 student. They happen so often that they are quite amusing now. It was good to see my year 10s again in Science. Believe it or not, I actually miss most of the students I work with. 

I returned to spinning tonight after a 3 week absence. I thought it was easy. Lots of endurance work tonight. I probably could have pushed myself harder but not that much more. 

Until tomorrow.


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New Year, New Blog - Day 108

Day 108.

A very good day. Work was easy, I had a few easy lessons as various people wern't in. Again, nothing exciting except people keep commenting on my hair. They say it looks fluffy and soft. I have even been asked if it grows into an afro. After work was kettlebells. It wasn't that difficult as I've kept fairly active and working hard. It did make me tired though. Once I got home, it was COD for a few hours. Mark and I are getting pretty good at it. 

Nothing exciting happening this evening, just going to get an early night ready for tomorrow. I have spinning and I'm looking forward to it.

Until tomorrow.


Monday, 16 April 2012

New Year, New Blog - Day 107

Day 107.

Back to work today. I wanted to go back to work for a rest but I found myself yawning all day and my eyes hurt. It was nice to see everyone again and share stories from Easter. A pretty normal day with nothing exciting happening. 

When I got home I played on COD for a few hours and now I think its time for bed.

Until tomorrow.


Sunday, 15 April 2012

New Year, New Blog - Day 106

Day 106.

Keeping it short tonight. I drove to grandads to have a bonfire at the field and see cousins of course. Lots of petrol was used and managed to cause an explosion as well!

This afternoon was spent in front of the tv watching another cycling classic, the Amstel Gold Race. It wasn't as exciting as the Tour of Flanders or Paris Roubaix but it was still bloody good!

I went to a friends tonight and drove in the dark. It was slightly scary but I'm glad my lights worked! It was a good feeling having that little bit of independence and not relying on others for a lift.

Back to work tomorrow. I'm glad to be going back as I've worked hard this Easter and will miss the physical work. But I'm glad to be seeing everyone again.

Until tomorrow.